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Recruitment Process Success Fee

Our success fee rate is 15-20%. Cooperation with us is free until you hire a remote software

developer through us. Is it worth it? It really depends on how much you value your time.

Typically, in-house recruitment processes can take, from start to finish, an average of 10-20

weeks. Utilizing our recruitment process, we ensure you fill that remote position within 4-6

weeks. During this time we deliver a software developer (or team of developers) that

is carefully sourced and checked for the ability to work on the technical stack used by you.

A remote software developer that you hire through us is productive from the first day of his

new job.

Team Augmentation

Our commission on an hourly/daily rate is 20-30%. In some cases, you can take advantage of

our resources and knowledge, as your experienced technology partner. All remote software

developers that we provide are technically vetted, able to commence straight away and

provide substantial results. When is it worth taking advantage of? Body leasing services

most often are beneficial to the company when it's necessary to acquire a software

developer with specific IT skills for a limited time or defined project. It reduces costs of

recruitment, implementation, streamlines project management.