About us

We match remote software developers with companies in a way that will bring great value to both sides.

The story of ITCraftship began with Maciej, Maks and Kasia. They were responsible for setting up our nearshore office for a Norwegian client, eVici AS. Maciek and Maks worked as remote software developers and Kasia was responsible for quality assurance. As the project grew, recruiting new developers was necessary. They quickly realized how hard and time consuming recruitment processes were in order to find the best talent.

Thus, ITCraftship was born.

As a team, ITCraftship combine coding experience with recruitment to help startups find the most appropriate and capable developers, matched perfectly to their needs. ITCraftship employs a bespoke and proprietary recruitment process that takes into account candidate experience and client's time constraints.

Our Values

We are aware of the growing importance and volume of the digital revolution. With growth comes a greater need for software developers. We strongly believe that, today, hiring remote employees is key to increasing company performance. Especially as there is a shortage of top-skilled on-site developers.

Remote work
Remote work

Remote work is the future. We're taking part and fuelling the revolution that has already started and we’re helping others embrace the telecommuting workstyle by offering remote consulting.


We believe the key to a healthy partnership between an employer and employee is trust. A great remote setup functions through the belief in employee skills and providing the freedom to foster those skills.

Fairness and diversity
Fairness and diversity

By helping developers from less developed countries find remote work opportunities at top tech companies, we’re allowing them to develop their skills and build their portfolio at the top level.

We build communities
We build communities

We’re organisers of the Ionic Poland meetup. During these meetings we share our experiences and knowledge with other software engineers and champion a community of developers.

We’re fast and agile
We’re fast and agile

We're a startup with a fabulous team with a desire for collaboration and continuous improvement. Everyone in our organization knows what they are working towards in achieving our revolution!

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Our Team

Maksymilian Majer

CEO & Lead Recruiter

Maciej Adamczyk

COO & Tech Recruiter

Kasia Ulok

Talent Acquisition Manager

Lucas Dudek

Head of Client Relations

Jakub Żądło

Anže Matelič

Software Developer

Piotr Marcula

Junior Software Developer

Fernando Carreño

Senior Software Developer

Ajeh Emeke

Software Developer

Paweł Mikołajczuk

Tech Recruiter

Mikołaj von Bastian-Brzeziński

Tech Recruiter

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