About Us

Some History
Maciek, Maks, and Kasia established ITCraftship in 2017. Before ITCraftship, we set up an nearshore office for our Norwegian client, eVici AS. Maciek and Maks worked as developers, and Kasia was responsible for quality assurance. When the project grew we had to recruit new developers and designers to join our efforts. That’s when we saw how hard it is for employers to find the best talent. We thought it will be great to combine our coding experience with recruitment and help startups find developers matched perfectly to their needs. We decided to use our battle tested process and provide recruitment process outsourcing and talent placement services. That’s how the idea for ITCraftship was born.
At ITCraftship, we believe that the remote work culture will soon take over the software development market. Our mission is to help introduce companies to telecommuting and the amazing possibilities of scaling their businesses that comes with it. We want to connect startups with promising talents from all over the world, and to help marvelous software developers get a job which will allow them to develop their skills and abilities. Our main goal is to improve people’s lives by getting rid of unnecessary obstacles connected with on-site work.

Why choose us?

Personalised Approach

We’re very much aware that every company, every project, and every person is different. Our approach is always suited to your specific needs. We will never try to force you to do something not aligned with your goals or vision.

No top 3%

We don't believe in “the top 3% of talent”. We want to find great matches between people, not to pump our numbers up. Would you like to work with someone who has top-notch algorithmic skills, but their working style varies a lot from yours and lacks engagement in your product? Exactly. Experience is important, but a satisfying team and culture fit is even more crucial to develop a great product or service.

Unlimited support and training

Remote work may not seem to be so easy at the beginning. Thanks to years of our experience we’re able to share our knowledge on how to introduce or improve the remote culture at your company.

We’re a part of the community

Thanks to our experiences and taking part in all kinds of events we have a vast network of connections consisting of many amazing talents - and we can recommend them to work with you!

We’re always up-to-date

Our team actively attends all kinds of startup and developer conferences and meet-ups - that’s why we stay on top of the things! We’re always happy to meet and share experiences with fellow professionals. If you want to have a chat with us, check out our social media announcements.

We give you a peace of mind

We know how hard it can be to find the best developer for a company and we’re willing to take this burden off your shoulders. All you need to do is to give us some info during the roadmapping session and to make the final decision about hiring.


Our Team

Maksymilian Majer

CEO & Lead Recruiter

Maciej Adamczyk

COO & Tech Recruiter

Kasia Ulok

Talent Acquisition Manager

Karolina Beta

Marketing Specialist

Weronika Siwaszko

Junior Recruitment Specialist

Katarzyna Szulc

Marketing Specialist

Anže Matelič

Software Developer

Jakub Żądło

Customer Success Specialist

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