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Why Choose Us?

We’re developers who hire developers

As software developers, we weren't happy with the current state of tech recruitment and screening. We decided it was time for a change. Our bespoke framework for hiring great software engineers and our engineering experience makes the recruitment process a breeze.

We give you peace of mind

We know how hard it can be recruiting the right candidate so we take the load off your shoulders. All we need is a detailed idea of your project and specific developer needs. Our approach is always tailored to your specific needs.

We solve the cost of hire and waste of time issue

We carefully source our developers and evaluate their capabilities through our own screening process. Our recruitment team consists of senior software developers, that is why you can be 100% sure we know how to assess not only tech skills but also remote work abilities, and team fit. 

We offer a unique Interactive CV

Get to know your next developer better by using an Interactive CV. Our internal tool offers in-depth data and coding results based on a real-world problem that applies to your company's current project objectives. You can also get to know your next developer better thanks to an intro video recorded by them. 

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How the Magic Happens?

Hire remote developers who match your needs in just 5 weeks




Together, we'll roadmap your company's objectives and align that with the best candidate for the job.




We browse and contact hundreds of developers so you don't have to. We believe in the future of remote work so our search is never limited to a specific location.



Tech assessment

To find your developer superstar we employ a custom coding challenge that reflects the required capabilities.




As software developers, we know exactly what questions should be asked. We share our expertise and passion to vet the right skills for the right job.

Our Offer

Recruitment process outsourcing

We learn about your stack and work patterns to become your in-house recruitment team. We perform active and passive sourcing, prepare custom coding challenges and assess them. We also conduct technical interviews to assemble a pool of verified candidates that you are ready to onboard.

Staff augmentation services

We offer flexible outsourcing strategies just in case you prefer to have a part-time remote developer. Our staff augmentation enables the possibility of extending or terminating at any time.

Setting up a satellite office

If you’re having trouble with the accessibility of local talent but you’re not ready to introduce the remote workstyle in your company – establishing a satellite office in another country is the way to go. We can help you with that! You can achieve better results with the same or even lower budget.

MVP Development

Reach to us if you need a team of experienced software engineers to push your product or service development further. It is a great way to minimize the risk of project failure and time waste. We build an MVP with our in-house team and scale it. In the next stage, we can pass the project on to your internal team.

Who is this for?


We help CEOs/CTOs of product companies that are in the intense growth phase. We can meet your recruitment targets by building efficient and engaged remote development teams tailored for your needs.

HR executives

We help HR executives of established software companies in consistently fulfilling their increasing recruitment needs by providing them with an extra source of verified developers with minimal engagement of their tech team.

How long does the recruitment process take?

Our recruitment process is immediate and efficient. The length of the process depends on the tech stack, seniority, and budget but we are still able to present selected candidates within 4 - 6 weeks. Our coding experience allows us to achieve reliably fast results.

How big is my role within your process?

Your participation in our road-mapping session before we kick off the process is essential. That way, all potential hires are fully aware of your important requirements and goals. You'll be constantly updated throughout the process up until we present to you the best candidates that were tried and tested. The final decision is completely up to you.

How do you differ from other recruiters?

Our biggest advantage is that we're developers, hiring other developers. Enabling us to utilise a two-way perspective and address your company's needs and expectations of software developers. We have designed our own recruitment strategy that takes into account the candidate's experience and the employer's time constraints. Check out our Process page or Pricing page to get more info.

How do you "match" candidates to employers?

Before we accept a software developer and integrate them into your company, we screen their technical skills and test them with a real-world problem that applies to your company's current project objectives. We base this on the information you provide: requirements, work culture, needs, and expectations. Our technical recruiters (software developers with 15+ years of experience) assess the skills and personal traits of each candidate and they are responsible for assessing the code challenges.

How big a budget do I need?

There is no specific minimum amount. We offer two pricing models: 15% success fee or 20% commission on an hourly/daily rate. We are flexible in this approach and are open to establishing a pricing plan that suits your budget.

Where are you located?

Our main office is based in Warsaw, Poland but our team is located all over the world. We are an international recruitment agency and our clients come from many different countries. We cover mainly remote positions but we also consider on-site offers.

I’m a software developer how can I join you?

First of all, great! We encourage that you check out our Jobs page which features all of our client's open positions. From there you can either apply for a suitable position and/or join our internal database. Proceed to the For Developers page and fill out the Typeform questions that will help us match you to the right job offer as soon as it emerges. If you agree to participate in our code challenge, we'll be able to provide you with feedback that may help you improve your skills. We'll also prepare an Interactive CV of you to present to our clients.

What people are saying?


Developer at CouponFollow

As an experienced software developer, I was looking for the next business to pour my talents into. While rejecting many other offers that were ambiguous and badly written I was struck by Maks' perfect offer prepared for one of his clients. A short description that contained all the information I needed to make a quick decision - I wanted in. The recruitment team is made of fellow software engineers that closely work with their clients to really understand their needs. That's why any questions I had about the business or the future work were answered immediately. Communication with these guys was a pleasure!

Christian Hager

CTO at Nabobil

When working with external help to find the best match for your development team it really is all about trust: trust that they have the required tech skills to assess candidates, trust that they will be able to engage with candidates like our internal team, and trust that they will have your back when things go south. ITCraftship is a partner we can trust. They helped us hire Przemek, who’s a skilled Ruby and React Native developer, and a great addition to our team.



Not another overdone template approach from recruiters, peaked my interest to work with this company from the very first chat. I really liked this personal approach. The onboarding was really beyond the expectations. The tooling and the process are just like they have to be in every serious company. Whenever I have some issues, the help is there immediately and lasts until the issue is solved. I was also impressed with the knowledge of developers and I am really happy to see the team striving towards best practices.


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