How it works


Roadmapping Session

Every company and every project is different. Our approach is specifically suited to your needs. We will get an idea about your company's technology infrastructure: tools, workflow, and team culture. We will then prepare the best plan of action that will ensure you find the best remote software developer.


Talent Sourcing

We know exactly how to approach software developers. Our team of experienced programers are also part of a vast network of software developers consisting of many amazing talents – and we can recommend them to work with you!


Application Screening

CVs are a thing of the past. We use a carefully prepared form to receive applications to allow candidates to filter into our pipeline. We guarantee at least 50 candidates interested in working with you by the end of our sourcing step.


Tech Assessment

Candidates will receive a technical assessment that mimics an issue that is present within your current company. We design it in a way that aids the candidate in their understanding of daily tasks they would encounter in the prospective job to ensure their skills are appropriate for the position.


Internal Interview

We examine how candidates approach problem-solving – specifically how they communicate, organize themselves and work within a team. We get to know the right person who would be a good fit for your company's culture.


Client Interviews

We finally narrow down our candidates to 3-5 carefully chosen developers. You will be presented with the insight of their performance and given access to a video recorded in their Interactive CV. We will then schedule 1-2 sessions with you and our candidates so you can meet them and see if it’s a good fit.


Client Approval

Our Clients
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