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ITCraftship is a company established by two software developers, for software developers.

We joined the remote work revolution and wanted to encourage others to give telecommuting a chance.
Our goal is to help you find the remote software development job of your dreams.
Our recruitment process is designed and optimized in a way that makes it easy for you to apply.
You will also receive feedback that may help you improve if you decide to go through our Tech Challenge.

You are just 3 steps away

from starting your new career



Fill in a form so we can get to know you better

It might not be the most fun but this will give us a chance to get to know you more. Plus, your answers will help us understand what job opportunities will be the best suited for you. We will be able to match you with an employer quicker.



Schedule a short call with us by using a received link

As soon as we go through your application, you will receive a message. It includes a link that will allow you to arrange a 30-minute online meeting with us. It’s an ideal moment for the candidate to ask questions, and let us find out about your preferences in terms of work.



Take part in our Tech Challenge to confirm your skills

It's not rocket science. However, the Tech Challenge does require some time to complete. We make sure its practical and are ourselves constantly testing it for effectiveness. We also adjust the level of difficulty to the type of role you seek and your experience.

That’s how you become a part of our community! The rest is on us

We care about the developers who have signed up to join us and will always be in touch when we find an offer that matches your skills and interests. Part of our team consists of software developers, and we're also organisers of the Ionic Poland meetup.

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Referral Program


Do you know any remote developer who is a good fit for our clients and their projects?

Recommend to your talented developer friends to join us. You can refer as many people as you like (that’s right - there’s no limit!). How does it work? When your referred friend signs up and includes your name in their application form, we’ll know that we have a new member thanks to you. As soon as your referral lands our client’s job opening, you'll get paid $1000!

We'll pay you in two batches

30% when the referred
software developer signs the

70% after their
3-month working

Build a Developer Community with us

We’re organisers of the Ionic Poland Meetup and Remote Ionic Talks. If you’re an Ionic Developer check out our schedule and attend our meetings.

We’ll give you a chance to connect with other Ionic Developers of all skill levels and listen to interesting keynotes given by professionals working at top tech companies. There will also be discussions about app development, best programming practices, design and many other technical interests. We want to create a space where Ionic Developers can learn from each other and engage about the latest tech news. Our main goal is to engage and empower developers from all over the world to build amazing apps together.

Upcoming meetups:

Remote Ionic Talks - Remote - 29th of April 2020

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