The Client

Nabobil is the Airbnb for car rentals. The startup embraces the sharing economy and allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles to those in need. The company has been very successful in the Norwegian market and looks to grow outside of the country.

Christian Hager
CTO at Nabobil
When working with external help to find the best match for your development team it really is all about trust: trust that they have the required tech skills to assess candidates, trust that they will be able to engage with candidates like our internal team, and trust that they will have your back when things go south. ITCraftship is a partner we can trust. They helped us hire Przemek, who’s a skilled Ruby and React Native developer, and a great addition to our team.

The Challenge

Nabobil is located in Oslo, which is a crowded startup and enterprise business hub. The place is very competitive over software engineering talent and small businesses can rarely afford the rates to get the best talent. The company has already worked in a remote setup and needed to add a member with React Native experience to their team. Nabobil previously hired with an external provider, but they looked for a more competitive and personalized approach.

The Key

A tailored React oriented screening, LinkedIn and niche boards for sourcing. Interacted with close to a hundred developers, over 20 got into the process with 5 ending up in the shortlist. Hired the best candidate in under 6 weeks. The candidate exceeded the client’s expectations.

Working on app development

Process Summary

Nabobil’s CTO, Christian, took his time to do the due diligence of ITCraftship. We have been visited in our office by one of his developers and we’ve had several conversations. He wanted to check if we possessed the tech expertise and software engineering experience to not only provide candidate’s CVs but also test their skills. When he was sure, that our team members are not the regular recruiters, but seasoned software engineers, he decided to give us a try. We kicked off the recruitment campaign mid-November and we already shook hands with the right developer in the third week of December. We have kept the best possible candidate experience offering prompt feedback on the application status and in-depth feedback on screening results. During the process, we interacted with over a hundred developers and over twenty ended up going through our tech screening and interview process. Only the top five candidates were presented and the choice was hard. Christian needed to do follow-up interviews to make sure that the decision is the right one. That made the process last a bit longer, but assured both sides on the next move.


The candidate we helped hired has already worked with Nabobil for almost a year. The collaboration goes on smoothly and both sides are very happy with the results.