The Client

Headshed is a product company developing a call-center solution that helps agents connect with the right prospect and the right time. Their goal is to optimize the sales process with tools for messaging, real-time segmentation, performance monitoring and analysis.

Torbjørn Slørdal
CEO and CTO Headshed
Max and his guys helped us make the development process scalable. That transitioned our business to a professional software company rather than a hobby project with a couple of people. What was the key success factor? Communication. These guys asked us what do we exactly want, challenged us, but also responded very promptly to any concerns we had. We see a big difference between where we started out and where we’re at now.

The Challenge

Headshed AS is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. There is a big tech community there, that’s emerged from NTNU, which is one of Norway’s best tech universities. Unfortunately, the demand for tech talent in Oslo encourages a lot of tech talent to relocate and the local supply is so small, that startups have trouble competing over candidates with larger businesses. However, Headshed wasn’t ready to hire remotely due to lack of process and experience in this work model. We had to do something about that.

The Key

Remote work consulting combined with passive and active sourcing of candidates and tailored screening allowed to help Headshed with their development goals.

Process Summary

Our co-founder Maks joined Headshed for consulting on a part time basis, to help transform the business into a remote ready organization. He worked closely with Ellen and Torbjørn to set up a cross-platform development environment with docker-compose, a streamlined PM process with JIRA that included test automation running on Semaphore CI. We also helped hire two great Python developers for trial and one of them was able to cope with the high project complexity that involved DDD and BDD practices more common in the enterprise development world.


We introduced a streamlined development and QA process at Headshed, that helped them transition to a fully distributed team. The CEO was able to move to Spain and run their business from there not worrying about the team delivering the quality product on time. The developer we helped hire significantly contributed to the development of Cube