The Client

eVici - a small Norwegian startup with huge ambitions. In 2017 it was awarded by Norwegian Space Agency for the most promising project using satellite data from ESA. Actually, both of our founders, Maks and Maciej are working with eVici as software developers - so, in fact, we were looking for their future team member.

Not another overdone template approach from recruiters, peaked my interest to work with this company from the very first chat. I really liked this personal approach. The onboarding was really beyond the expectations. The tooling and the process are just like they have to be in every serious company. Whenever I have some issues, the help is there immediately and lasts until the issue is solved. I was also impressed with the knowledge of developers and I am really happy to see the team striving towards best practices.

The Challenge

Finding an Ionic Developer with min. 5 years of commercial experience, who has already worked remotely, and has great English skills. We were looking for someone to join on a 3-month project with the perspective of a permanent engagement afterwards.

The Key

Active LinkedIn sourcing. We sourced and screened 88 candidates in less than four weeks out of which we presented top 3 candidates to our client.

Slovenia – Sašo's homeland (photo by @peterbucks)

Process Summary

We started with both passive and active sourcing via job ads and LinkedIn. Thanks to that we found 88 candidates. We sent a short video to every one of them in which we gave an overview of the client’s company. After that, we scheduled a quick, 15-minute call with every candidate to check their English skills. It helped us to filter out applicants who had difficulties in communicating. The rest received an Angular 6 technical assignment prepared by us specifically for this position. The assignment was designed to take from 3 to 5 hours. We scheduled proper interviews on the call with candidates who managed to pass our test with a satisfying result (the best applicant obtained 91%). During this interview we reviewed their test, and also asked questions about their experience, remote work abilities, hobbies, and goals. After that stage, we selected 3 of the best candidates and presented them to the client. After a month from the beginning of sourcing, the final decision was made - and the developer joined the eVici team from Sept 1st on a part-time basis.


The developer we helped hired became productive on day one despite a very complex nature of the project. He’s shown a very high level of motivation and after one month he has already become an important part of the team. The project is going at a great pace and we’re certain the team will meet their deadlines. The project was extended and both sides are looking at a long-term relationship.